The 1240 WROV History Site "Want List"

Much of the material you see on our website was contributed by people like YOU. Folks who listened to the station, won contests, saved your "Musicards", showed up at events, took pictures and shared your memories. We encourage you to go drag those boxes out of the attic and share anything you find that you think belongs here.

Also please keep your eyes open when you're at autions, flea markets, yard sales, and antique stores. You NEVER KNOW where this stuff may turn up. If you see anything, let us know. There are several of us in the Roanoke area that we can send over to take a look and possibly buy certain items depending on the condition and the price.

If you worked for WROV and have not yet been in touch with us, please drop us a line. We want to hear your memories and add them to the story. If you're a friend or family member of any past employees who have passed away, we'd also like to hear from you for the same reason.

We're always interested in any memorabilia or souvenirs of WROV but there are a few things that we are REALLY hoping to find. See the list below.

  • Photos of the WROV Studios at the Mountain Trust Bank building, 1946-1955.

  • Photos of the WROV Studios at 15th & Cleveland (especially ones from the 1960s when the building was white and you could see the Quonset Hut).

  • A Jack Fisher "Audio Video Adapter" (a photo of Jack that you could attach to your radio so you could "watch" Jack do his radio program every night -- from the late 1960s).

  • Old WROV Musicards and music playlists.

  • Photos of the DJs that you may have taken at events, when visiting the station, etc. Especially looking for photos of ones who aren't already featured on the site.

  • Any old recordings you may have made of the radio station.

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