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The History of WROV Radio, Roanoke, VA

Last updated May 30, 2010


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The story of the "Regulars"—Bob & Justine, Bunny & Eddie and the other dancers featured every day on the original American Bandstand show. Produced by WROV's Jack Fisher who was one of them and available from Teleduction Productions.

If you want the hits, baby, we got 'em.
In P. D. Bottom!

Dedicated to the memory of Burt & Muriel Levine, owners of WROV from 1955 to 1988 and all former staff and stars of the radio station, especially those who are no longer with us, including Jeannie Aker, Jivin' Jackson Allyn, Coleman Austin, Carol Beane, Al Beckley, Ray Bentley, Dick Bentz, George Calomeris, Gary E. Cooper, George Dyer, Don Foutz, Fred Frelantz, Marty Hall, H. Gale Henley, Chuck Holloway, Don Hutcherson, Fred King, Mike Lane, Tim Lockhart, Tim Meadows, Rick Mosher, Don Pugh, Ron Phelps, Jim Saul, Jim Shell and Bucky Stover.

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