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The WROV Control Room Telephone*.

It has been a labor of love. If you've never been here before—especially if you're someone who grew up listening to WROV—you will probably want to select (from the menu on the left) the page corresponding to the era when you started listening. Otherwise, if you have time, start at "The Beginning" (1946 - 1949) and go from there. It's one heck of a story. Or perhaps you'll want to visit the audio pages and hear some old memories. Or check out the old press clippings in "The Archive" or see the old Musicards. There's no hurry. Come back often. Enjoy yourself.

The WROV History Website went online in November, 2004 at the exact time the former WROV Studios at 15th Street and Cleveland Avenue were torn down in a "phoenix rising" sort of way. It is maintained by a former WROV personality who—much as the Wizard of Oz—really prefers for you to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. But if you must know more, go here for the story. Since its creation it has continued to grow and remains a work in progress. There's more to add, more work to do, and hopefully many more old relics to unearth and work into the story. So keep checking back!

If YOU have any memories, photos or other momentos to contribute, PLEASE DO (see bottom of page for contact info). There's a "want list" of things we are REALLY looking for on the site. Head up to the attic and start digging. Depending on what you dig up, we might even offer you some $$$ for it but that's for US to decide. Thanks again for visiting. Enjoy it. And, in the words of a couple of very famous guys: "We wish you blue skies and green lights. Never whittle toward yourself or spit into the wind. Good night, America."

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* - Oh yeah. The phone. Whenever you called us, this was the one we answered. The buttons were (in order) 343-4444 (business line); 343-4445 (roll over); 343-4446 (roll over); 343-4447 (the employee hot line with the red button); 982-1240 (request line); 982-1246 (roll over); 345-NEWS (News Line); Internal (used for dialing other employees' extensions); the HOLD button. Note that these numbers NO LONGER BELONG to the AM or FM station so PLEASE don't call them now. You won't win any prizes.