Bart Prater


After retiring as an announcer and after a subsequent stint as a partner in an advertising agency, Bart came to work at WVTF as an assistant engineer. Since that time, though, he has also assumed the duties of Traffic Coordinator and also conducts research and ratings analysis for the station.

Hear Bart

Countdown '70 - Mushing On (one break)
December 31, 1970   (152K)
Pickle Jar Lid
1969   (2.8M)
Rudolph the Red $&%@#! Reindeer
Early 1970s   (1.2M)
May, 1973   (3.0M)

Sidney's Commercial
Mid 1970s   (700K)

The Upper Cut Commercial #1
Summer 1976   (1.3M)

WROV Station Tour
1978   (2.7M)