Hear The Voices!

Aircheck, for those not familiar with the word, is a term used in radio for a DJ show tape. Typically, the station is set up so you can put a cassette in a recorder that only turns on when the microphone switch is keyed (in other words, when the red light goes on, so does the tape recorder). Here, we have assembled some airchecks of your favorite WROV folks from over the years, as well as some station promos and other things you'll likely remember. Keep checking back as we'll be adding many more as we unearth them!

These cuts are mp3 files, most are 128 or 160kbps. Some are poor quality due to us pulling them off of old tape. If you have a cable or broadband connection you should be able to click the links and hear them as they stream, otherwise it will take a while for some to load and you may have some dropout. File sizes are listed for each.

Jack Fisher & Fred Frelantz

Fred - Wakeathon Promo
1964   (1.2M)
Fisher & Frelantz Show
March 25, 1966   (44M)
Fred - WROV Tiger Hunt Promo
April, 1966   (580K)
The Bonsack Beauty Contest, Part 1
Summer, 1966   (1.4M)
The Bonsack Beauty Contest, Part 2
Summer, 1966   (1.4M)
Interview with Mrs. Miller
Summer, 1966   (3.2M)
Jack - In Club close
Heard after Jack told you what to do to be IN
1968   (460KM)
Jack does a WROV Instant Replay
January, 1969   (1.0M)
South of Roanoke Magazine, Part 1
April, 1981   (2.0M)
South of Roanoke Magazine, Part 2
April, 1981   (2.0M)
South of Roanoke Magazine, Part 3
April, 1981   (2.5M)
Jack's Final WROV Sign Off
October 26, 1991   (3.4M)

Bart Prater

Countdown '70 - Mushing On (one break)
December 31, 1970   (152K)
Pickle Jar Lid
1969   (2.8M)
Rudolph the Red $&%@#! Reindeer
Early 1970s   (1.2M)
May, 1973   (3.0M)
Lizzie's Boneless Chicken
Fall, 1978   (1.3M)
WROV Station Tour
Early 1970s   (2.7M)

Larry Bly

Bart & Larry's Birthday Party
October, 1972   (9.8M)
January 20, 1973   (14.9M)
April, 1973 (Part 1)   (5.9M)
April, 1973 (Part 2)   (6.0M)
August 1, 1981   (8.6M)

WROV Jocks of the 1950s

Jivin' Jackson (2.6M)
Old promo, introduced by Jack, Fred & Ron
1956   (2.6M)
Ken Tanner
1959   (5.1M)

WROV Jocks of the 1960s

Ron Sunshine
From the 1972 Nostalgia Weekend
1972   (6.2M)
Sammy Russell
June, 1967   (3.7M)
Phil Beckman
March, 1968   (8.9M)
Fred King
June, 1968   (7.5M)

WROV Jocks in the 1970s

D. J. Parsons
December 31, 1970   (7.8M)
Phil Interviews The Osmonds
August 28, 1971   (5.5M)
Dan Alexander
December, 1971   (4.9M)
Phil Beckman
March, 1972   (11.7M)
Dave Daniel
May, 1973   (2.2M)
Shane Randall
May, 1973   (2.9M)
Terry Young
May, 1973   (3.7M)
Bill Jordan & Starr Stevens
September, 1975   (5.2M)
Doug McCloud (Doug Rorrer)
February, 1976   (2.6M)
Starr Stevens
July, 1976   (1.4M)
Chris Stevens (Dave Shropshire)
November, 1979   (5.3M)

WROV Jocks of the 1980s

John King
December, 1980   (5.3M)
Pat Garrett
December, 1980   (4.5M)
Rob O'Brady
January, 1981   (22.0M)
Matt Eakle   (5.2M)
September, 1981