Beer Rating Scale

This guide explains the meaning of the scores tallied from the "Rating the Finished Beer" sections of the beer recipe pages. This rating scale is from one of my many home brew books (probably Charlie Papazian's). The comments are my own, of course.

0-10 Horse Piss
Damn, this beer sucks. Pour it out, and if you can't do better next time, pick a new hobby.
10-20 Swill
The only person in the world who would drink this beer is Cliff. What does that tell you?
20-30 Fair Beer
Drinkable beer, but it could be much better. Identify areas for improvement and try again.
30-38 Good Beer
A good, average batch of beer. Nothing to be ashamed of. Reward yourself. Have one.
39-45 Great Beer
Remember this recipe, as you're definitely going to want to make this kind again! Cheers!
46-50 Excellent Beer
You should quit your high-paying job as a yuppie nerd and start your own micro-brewery.
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